Accounting & Tax (bdhTax)

For new migrants who are moving to Australia, Australians who are returning home from the UK and Australians who are heading to live and work in the UK or other expat locations in the world, bdhSterling can provide accounting and tax advice through bdhTax.

Typical areas of tax planning advice available include:

  • Capital gains tax planning when a property in the UK is being sold by an individual who is living in Australia (or vice versa).
  • Clarifying tax residency status and the consequences for the taxation of income.
  • UK inheritance tax/estate planning.
  • The consequences of letting a property when living overseas.
  • The tax position if a UK pension fund is transferred to an Australian superannuation fund.

The preparation and e-lodgement of UK and Australian tax returns are also available through the team at bdh Tax.

Fees are fixed in amount and are agreed in advance whenever possible.

You can contact the bdh Tax team by email at, through our web site,, or through any of our offices.