Rebecca Watson

Financial Planner

At work

Rebecca has over 20 years of experience within the financial services industry, having previously worked as a Branch Manager for a bank. Rebecca is a qualified Australian Financial Planner who assists her clients in planning ahead for their long-term financial goals. Many of Rebecca’s clients are expats from the UK who now live permanently in Australia.

Rebecca successfully assists her clients in implementing the onward transfer of their UK pension benefits to Australia. She takes special care to ensure that she understands the needs of every client, and is always on hand to guide them through the bdhSterling processes.

Google Reviews
It's always a pleasure to come into the office, as it's welcoming, friendly with a bit of humour thrown in. John and Rebecca have always explained things clearly, going through our annual written report. Everything is tailored to our particular circumstances as our life changes. The friendliness and humour is always enjoyed. Emma, who does our tax, is another star in the team.

Spotlight questions

What’s your best tip for anyone moving to Australia?

It is important to re-apply sun cream, even in the springtime. The Australian sun has a bite to it!

What’s the best thing about living in Australia?

Being able to enjoy the outdoors all year round. The beaches are amazing in the Summer and the Winter.

Why is financial planning so important?

It allows my clients to have a plan on how they can achieve their goals, it shows them that if they have a plan anything is possible

What’s the best thing about working for bdhSterling?

Helping people navigate through their finances, showing them how they can achieve their goals.

What’s your best financial tip for anyone moving from the UK to Australia?

Food and drink are expensive compared to the UK, so make sure you budget accordingly.

What’s your best financial tip for anyone moving from Australia to the UK?

You will need to take Vegemite with you to the UK as Marmite is not the same as Vegemite and tastes very different!