Moving between the UK and Australia?

Any move can be challenging but they can be even more so when you’re moving to the other side of the world! If you’re planning to move to Australia from the UK, or vice versa, we can provide specialist financial planning advice to help your journey and beyond.

Here to make your move smooth

Planning for the future with assets in a single country is hard enough. For those with assets in two, it’s even more complex. That’s why we specialise in helping UK and Australian residents who are relocating between the two countries, and help them manage their financial assets in the years ahead.

If you’re in this position, you might be thinking about your current investments and how they’ll be impacted. You might be thinking about your retirement plans, or simply wondering whether you’ll have enough for the life you want. With our expert advice, you’ll be able to concentrate on planning your move and enjoy the process, knowing your financial future is more secure.

Our work doesn’t end once you’ve moved. We’re always on-hand to advise you on a wide range of investment and pension strategies as well as tax matters. We can also ensure that you understand your liabilities and any responsibilities for the country you in which you live – so you’ll never have any unexpected or unwelcome surprises.

Here’s how we can help

Financial planning centred on your journey

We know how important it is to feel secure, particularly when you’re making a life-changing move. As lifestyle financial planners, we’ll work with you to understand where you’re at now and where you want to be – both financially and generally in life. By doing this, we can then create a holistic plan designed to help get you there.

We use advanced cashflow modelling tools, which allow us to map out various scenarios and plan for them up front. We also offer an ongoing service to keep reviewing your plan and ensure you’re always on track to achieve your goals.

Advice in both jurisdictions

We’re in a unique position in that we’re qualified to provide financial advice in both the UK and Australia. This means we have a deep understanding of the varying tax systems, legislations and strategies involved in the process. We can effectively avoid some of the more common pitfalls, and help reduce some of the stress during the moving period.

With offices in both countries and access to a dedicated adviser either side, it’s a full service that allows us to support our clients throughout the whole of their journey. This way, you know that even when you land at the other end, we’re still by your side.

Pension Transfer Specialists

We’re among the leading specialists in UK pension transfers, particularly for UK pension members moving to Australia. With years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of UK pension legislation (including the significant changes that came into place in 2015), our advice is designed to enable a smooth transition, while maximising your benefits.

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We’re widely recognised as the leading specialists in UK pension transfer to Australia. As a dual licensed financial planning firm, proudly holding the prestigious Chartered Status in the UK, we are uniquely positioned to provide advice that encompasses both countries.

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