About us

We're here for you at every step of your journey. We are a dual licensed financial planning firm, holding the prestigious Chartered Status in the UK. With offices in both Australia and the UK, we are ideally placed to help residents and expats alike to ensure their financial future is smooth sailing - wherever life takes them.

Our history

Founded in 2009 by friends and directors, Simon Harvey and Paul Davies, bdhSterling was borne from a desire to create a forward-thinking business, one committed to placing the client’s financial planning ambitions at the forefront. So that’s exactly what they did.

Fast-forward to the present day, and bdhSterling is a global force: with an office in the UK and four across Australia, we’re continuing to grow and adapt to the needs of our valued client base.

Our philosophy & values

It’s essential that for the time we have, we ensure we’re getting the most from our money.

Our belief is that by using goal-based planning, we can bring clarity and certainty to our clients’ lives. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

In order to deliver on our promises to you, we make sure everyone at bdhSterling embodies our three core values:


We work with one another with enthusiasm and appreciation. Only by respecting each other, sharing ideas, experience and knowledge can we achieve our goals and remain both an employer and advisory firm of choice.

Continuous improvement

Everyone is free to share ideas as we consistently strive to improve our service. By better understanding our clients’ expectations and continuously working to improve processes, we strive to provide financial planning at the highest possible standard.


Our business relies on the trust of our clients and the ultimate source of that trust is personal integrity and professionalism.

Most of all…

We’ve been where you are. Many of us have moved between countries and understand the challenges it can bring. While we haven’t retired yet, we’re certainly well placed to understand what’s to come and how to gain the most from it.

Most importantly, we simply know the right questions to ask so that we do understand. For all our clients, we say: we’re on your side.