Already living overseas?

If you’re living overseas, it can be difficult to know how best to manage your finances in a new country. We can help internationally minded people with a wide range of financial issues.

Bring clarity to your financial future

There are many brilliant opportunities to living and working overseas but navigating the new financial implications can be challenging. You may be needing help managing assets in multiple countries or going through a significant life event away from your home country. It might be that you’re overseas for a period before returning home, and are looking for some advice during this time. Whatever your circumstances, we can help.

Here at bdhSterling, we’re experts in helping expats and internationally mobile people all around the world manage their financial lives. Together we’ll work with you to understand your situation and what you’re looking to achieve in the future – be it a particular life goal, early retirement, or passing on your wealth to loved ones.

Whatever your future holds, wherever you are in the world, we can help you get the most out of your money.

Here’s how we can help

Lifestyle financial planning

We’re real financial planners. That means we take the time to understand you, your current situation and your goals – do you want to build up your wealth for your family? What are your dream retirement plans? Do you ever plan on moving to another country?

Once we’ve mapped this out, we can build a proper financial strategy designed around your needs. It’s a holistic planning process that takes into account all aspects of your finances and your lifestyle, ensuring you’ll be in the right position to meet your goals. We’re able to review your plan on an ongoing basis so that even if your circumstances change, you’ll always stay on track to achieve what you want.

Specialist financial advice

We can help with all manner of complex financial and planning decisions. From understanding the options available to you (including specialist pension transfer advice should you be considering transferring a UK pension) to exploring savings and investment opportunities, we’ll act as your guide throughout.

Importantly, we will give suitable advice based on the country/jurisdiction in which you’re living. You’ll have access to our trusted network of international specialists, all of whom have a deep understanding of your country’s tax implications. That means we can work with tax optimisation in mind, for example if you want to transfer offshore bonds or overseas pensions back to your home country.