John Vailes

Financial Planner

At work

John is a UK Chartered Financial Planner, holder of the Investment Management Certificate and is qualified in Australia with the Diploma in Financial Advice. John is also a Pension Transfer Specialist. He previously worked as an Investment Manager for a boutique wealth management firm in the UK.

John’s passion lies with helping people organise their financial affairs to achieve the best possible outcomes. As a specialist in risk, investment and retirement strategies, he helps build personal wealth and assists with developing plans which allow his clients to use their income and capital more efficiently – helping them meet their financial goals so they can get on with living!

Google Reviews
Al-Falah Dhanji
I have been working with John Vailes who has been very professional and has gone the extramile to help with my specific and challenging requirements. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.

Spotlight questions

What’s your best tip for anyone moving to Australia?

Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap! - the sun is strong over here!

What’s the best thing about living in Australia?

The consistency of the weather – it’s nice being able to make plans ahead of time and not having them rained off!

What’s the best thing about working for bdhSterling?

Even though our offices are spread across the UK and Australia, we have a really close-knit team which helps create a great working atmosphere.

What’s your best financial tip for anyone moving from the UK to Australia?

Speak to bdhSterling and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

What do you miss about living the UK?

Friends and family, closely followed by a Sunday roast dinner.

When should someone who is moving overseas get financial advice?

You can never get financial advice too soon as there are always planning opportunities to think about before you even step on that plane.