Paul Lawson-Tyers

Financial Planner

At work

Paul has been in the financial services industry for almost 30 years. For the last 15 years, he has specialised in advising clients who are moving overseas, assessing their options (particularly in relation to their pensions) with the aim of bringing clarity to their situation and the best financial outcome for their future.

Paul first started in the UK Financial Services sector in 1994, working for a variety of companies in finance and personal pensions. After a short career break travelling around Australia, Paul joined pension provider Dentons in 2005 as a SIPP and SSAS specialist. In 2009, he joined an IFA firm as an adviser, providing financial advice (including pensions) to people migrating to Australia and New Zealand.

Google Reviews
Andrew Morton
I was introduced to Paul Lawson-Tyers at bdhSterling via First Capital Financial Services Limited (Christchurch New Zealand) as we explored the option to transfer my UK pension to NZ. Paul inspired confidence in the process, as it’s been 20 years since I was last in UK. Overseveral months working together we made all deadlines and enjoyed the process. 5 stars Paul, and thank you.
Nathan Lewis
We've been with bdhSterling for over 5 years now and have always been very pleased with their service. Paul Lawson-Tyers has been a reliable and trusted advisor who is happy to answer any of my questions. I have recently been allocated a new advisor in my home country of Australia who was keen to introduce himself over the phone. I appreciated this personal touch and I'm confident my money is in good hands.
Andy Sutton
Paul gave me great advice on consolidating my pension pots in the UK when we moved to Australia a couple of years ago. I also get ongoing advice on how best to invest the money to maximise returns. All up I found bdhSterling easy to work with and Paul explained complex concepts in a simple to understand way.
Barrie Hanson
I contacted bdhSterling some 3 years ago, to transfer my UK pension over to Australia. Throughout the complex transfer they were always available to give professional & expert advice. A special mention must go to Paul Lawson-Tyers for his dedication & expert advice over this period.
Ralph Sheldon
I have dealt with bdhSterling since planning to leave the UK for Australia in 2014. I have found their advice and guidance invaluable during this difficult period due to changing HMRC laws and regulations. Paul has always been on hand to guide me through the process. We have now been transferred to the Australian branch in Sydney but will always back stop with Paul on the way forward as he has been with us from the beginning and knows what we are trying to do going forward.
Steve Whistlecroft
I have used bdhSterling for 7 years now and can't speak highly enough of their services. They helped me with the transfer of my pension to Australia and managed my remaining pension funds in the UK. A special thanks to Paul Lawson-Tyers who has been my contact throughout the whole process and advised me from the start.

Spotlight questions

What’s your best tip for anyone moving to the UK?

Do your planning – as much as possible in advance, like lining up removal companies, bank accounts, currency brokers etc.

What’s the best thing about living in the UK?

The countryside. Other countries have some spectacular scenery, but there is something about the UK countryside. And, of course, we have proper pubs!

Why is financial planning so important?

Simply put, the better you plan, the more comfortable your future / retirement will be.

What’s your best financial tip for anyone moving from the UK to Australia?

Get advice. Whether it be your pensions, investments, tax position, currency exchange etc, good advice can make a real difference.

What gives you the most satisfaction at work?

Helping my clients to achieve a better financial future. When I receive thanks and great reviews from my clients, it really gives me a boost.