Pension Services and QROPS Guidance

Pension planning is an essential part of preparing for retirement and creating the life you want in the future, but it can also be complicated. Both UK pensions and QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) are effective as part of an investment strategy, but we recommend discussing the many options available to you with professional consultants, like those at bdhSterling.

It’s important to get pension advice as early as possible once you begin paid employment. This will mean you are well informed when it comes to choosing the right pension and benefiting from tax relief or investment opportunities.

The correct advice is equally important when you are approaching retirement – with UK Pensions Freedom (introduced in April 2015) bringing more flexibility but also increasing the complexity of options available when taking retirement benefits.

Simplifying your pension provision

During the course of your working life, you may have accrued pension benefits through several employers. In some cases, it can be wise to combine these together under a single pension to help you keep track of your pension benefits and maximise any potential investment opportunities. At bdhSterling, we can help you do this, and will advise you on the best strategy for your funds.

Pensions and QROPS

You may decide to live abroad at some point or are planning to emigrate in the near future. If this is the case, a QROPS provides a way of transferring the pension funds you have accrued in the UK, overseas. At bdhSterling, we specialise in the transfer of pensions and investments abroad, something that many people find complicated and time consuming. If you’d like to discuss this with us, get in touch here.

Starting a pension – business owners and executives

If you run your own business or you are a director or executive of a company, there are excellent pension planning opportunities available to you.

Executive Pension Plans, Self-Invested Pension Plans (SIPPs) and Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS’s) offer opportunities for diverse investing that are not usually available to employees under a standard pension scheme.

For example, SIPPs and SSASs will allow the purchase of a commercial property (of your own business, for example) and potentially a commercial loan, as well as allowing you to select from a wider range of investments.

When should I take advice on pensions or a QROPS?

There is never a wrong time to start investing in a pension or begin looking carefully at the way your pension is performing. If you are reviewing your existing pension provision, looking to establish a retirement savings plan or facing crucial retirement decisions such as transferring funds to a QROPS, bdhSterling can advise you.

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