Why CFA Chartered status is important when it comes to managing your investments

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In any major industry, an individual having Chartered status is a clear sign that they are an expert in their field.

When it comes to financial advice – particularly advice on managing investments – that’s very much the case.

As a client, you should be reassured when an individual who is advising you on your investment strategy has attained Chartered status – especially on top of a background of personal experience working in that field.

Two people working for bdhSterling in Australia recently attained Chartered status with the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Institute. We look at their stories, and what it means for their clients.

Attaining CFA chartered status isn’t easy

You only have to glance at the CFA Institute website to see that attaining Chartered status is no easy matter.

All candidates need to pass a series of exams, as well as go through at least four years of work experience in advising clients. They are also obliged to be vouched for by professional referees who have reached an equivalent level.

As the website makes clear: “Becoming a charterholder is a defining moment for many investment professionals and exemplifies a strong understanding of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills.”

Given this, all of us at bdhSterling are immensely proud to confirm that John Vailes and Billy Tomlin have both achieved CFA status.

At bdhSterling, ongoing professional development is crucial

bdhSterling encourages all staff to continually look to develop themselves professionally. We believe that this is crucial to ensuring that you get the best possible support and service when you are dealing with us.

Furthermore, by ensuring that we employ highly intelligent and dedicated professionals who continually strive for (and achieve!) outstanding professional development, we can be sure that our clients are always getting the best advice.

Both John and Billy are from the UK. Not only is this a demonstration of the strength of ties between different bdhSterling offices, but it’s also useful in giving them personal experience when they are advising clients who are making the same journey.

We asked John and Billy for their thoughts on achieving CFA Chartered status, and what it means for the clients they advise.

John Vailes – double charter holder

“I commenced my journey on the CFA programme in 2018 when I was still living in the UK, meaning it has been a three-and-a-half-year journey to achieving my charter.

“Over this time, the course demanded well over a thousand hours of learning, so I’m proud to have achieved one of the highest distinctions in the investment management profession.

“For my clients – who are entrusting bdhSterling to manage their wealth – I believe the CFA designation offers a level of comfort by assuring them they have a skilled investment professional guiding them through the markets.

“I’m now fortunate enough to be a double charter holder and I take pride in knowing that I can not only assist my clients with my knowledge as a Chartered Financial Analyst, but also as a Chartered Financial Planner.”

Billy Tomlin – first time passes at all levels!

“I also started my CFA journey back in 2018, with the aim of enhancing my knowledge in various financial and investment concepts. The journey was certainly not easy and demanded a substantial number of hours and, with that, many sacrifices.

“I successfully passed all levels on the first attempt, which I believe is quite rare, so I was overjoyed with this achievement.

“Obtaining the CFA refined many aspects of my skillset that I believe will be beneficial to my clients. Some of the advanced techniques I have learnt I have put into practice and can see results.

“The CFA is highly regarded, and the designation is awarded to those who have shown competence in investment analysis and wealth management, through a combination of exams and relevant work experience. As such, my clients can be assured that they have a competent investment professional assisting them in achieving their financial goals and objectives.”

What CFA Chartered status means for you

The value of your investments – in particular, your super fund – is crucial to your financial future.

The difference between a well-managed portfolio and one that underperforms can be the difference between a comfortable retirement and one where you’re having to watch every dollar you spend.

Dealing with someone with CFA status means you can be assured that your investments are being managed by a competent investment professional, helping you achieve your financial objectives.

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