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The pandemic has meant the traditional face-to-face meetings we have with our clients, both existing and new, have not been possible. Instead we’re pleased with how the business has adapted to make necessary changes to ensure we’re able to continue to support our clients.

We’ve also expanded the amount of information we provide here on our website and the support services we offer our clients. This includes:

  • Regular quarterly newsletters featuring articles on topical financial planning issues
  • A series of webinars for clients
  • Several downloadable financial guides on subjects such as pension transfers and emigrating from the UK to Australia.

Essential Finance

We’re now joining forces with the Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, participating in a series of six videos  under the broad heading of “Essential Finance”.

Promoted on our website and on our social media channels, these go together to provide a handy online resource, giving you information and general guidance on important financial issues you should consider.

Our expert advisers discuss the financial opportunities for both UK and Australian businesses and the expat community, alongside must-know information regarding pensions, taxes, savings, and property.

Each video lasts approximately 10 minutes, and they will be hosted on our website so you can watch them at your own leisure.

We intend for these to appeal to both UK and Australian audiences, covering topics and issues that are relevant in both countries.

Start watching the videos now

Here are details of the six videos:

Video 1: Opportunities in a changing environment

The first video features Simon Harvey, Group Managing Director here at bdhSterling, and Jessica Sullivan, membership engagement and project manager at the Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce.

Simon outlines exactly what “essential finance” is. He covers issues such as:

  • How to put your financial plans together
  • The sort of things you should be looking out for while you are planning
  • The next steps once your plans are in place.

Video 2: Savings and assets: Growing your wealth 

Hosted by Stephen Ford, head of UK financial planning at bdhSterling, this video looks at specific investment opportunities, and how you can make the most of your money.

Stephen outlines exactly what is essential finance, how to plan, what to look out for and where to go next. He also breaks down the most financially savvy way expats, business owners and repatriates should handle their wealth in consensus with the changing environmental landscape.

Video 3: Pensions: Act now, benefit later 

Paul Davies, head of international pension advice at bdhSterling, hosts this. It considers pension issues in both the UK and Australia.

Pensions are one of the key issues when it comes to UK/Australia financial planning. Regulated to advise in both countries, we believe we are uniquely placed to support your decision making.

Video 4: Career wealth planning: Taxes and salary sacrifices  

Paul Lawson-Tyers, financial planner at bdhSterling, looks at issues relating to employment including how to maximise your tax-efficiency in both Australia and the UK.

Video 5: Property: Bricks, mortar, and money

Stephen Ford also hosts this video, which addresses specific challenges related to property ownership for those in both Australia and the UK.

Video 6: Your essential finance checklist 

In the last video, Simon Harvey speaks to Catherine Woo, CEO of the Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce.

Together, they review the subjects covered in the previous videos and put together an essential financial checklist.

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We hope you find the content of our Essential Finance video series useful.

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