Top 10 Professions Emigrating To Australia In 2016

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The Office of National Statistics in a report published recently confirmed over 400 are emigrating from the UK per day throughout 2015.  Haskew Law a partner of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office โ€“ Know before you go campaign we were able to review over 10,000 enquiries received this year and sort them by profession to compile the top 10 professions most likely to emigrate to Australia in a skilled visa class.

10, Graduates from UK Universities

They may not be a profession in their own right but over 30% of UK graduates are living and working overseas.  The trend is growing in popularity as young people look to make their way in the world.

9, Teachers and related professions

Teachers are enquiring about living and working in Australia in growing numbers but often fail to emigrate.  The criteria for teachers is high and QTS is a requirement in most cases.

8, Journalists, musicians, actors and designers

The UK remains a world leader in world of media and develops top class talent from screen to print and digital media.  All areas of these profession look overseas to develop their career and while the UK develops this talent their skills are in high demand across the globe.

7, IT from software to hardware

IT professionals are living in a golden age of opportunity and growth as the booming IT sector looks to the UK more and more to fill shortages of skills.  UK IT professionals are looking to take advantage of the international opportunities presented.

6, Dentist

Dentists in the UK often face financial pressures with NHS fees structures and costs of setting up a private practice and often prefer the standard of dentistry in Australia which is ahead of the UK in terms of technology and financial rewards a dentist can expect.

5, Accountants from ACCA and CIMA

New ACCA and CIMA global standards of accounting now make it easier for accountants to emigrate to practice in Australia.  This is providing new opportunities for those who wish to emigrate.

4, Chefs and Cooks

The UK is famous the world over for producing many of the worldโ€™s leading chefs the reputation of the industry places Chefs in high demand in Australia.  The quality of life and better working conditions is an alluring option as many now look to Australia to advance their career.

3, Engineering

The world shortage of engineers has always meant many projects are off shore but the trend noticed in more recent times is for engineers to emigrate rather than go on short term secondments.  Australia remains a popular destination as it provides access to strong economy and several world class opportunities.

2, Trades professionals

Unlike the UK in Australia many trades are protected so a person must be licenced to do the job.  This means higher wages and more security for those people in those trades.  New arrivals in the UK driving down wages in many reports which is the main reason many professionals look to emigrate to Australia.

1, Medical Staff

The most common enquiry received in 2016 for emigration came from Doctors and Nurses who were trained in the UK and working in the NHS.  The NHS are busy recruiting staff from the Philippines and other countries while losing home grown skills to Australia where better working conditions and lifestyle are attracting the best candidates.

You can find the most recent trends in migration from the Office of National Statistics who produce periodic reports.