Australian Migration Seminar 6th October 2012 – Attended by Global QROPS

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Global QROPS, the experts in transferring UK pensions overseas, are pleased to announce their attendance at a seminar on migrating to Australia, hosted by Australian visa specialists Thames Migration.

In addition to professional visa advice from Thames Migration, other leading experts in Australian immigration will be there, available to advise on all aspects of your move, such as recruitment / job opportunities, currency exchange, removals and banking.

Global QROPS will be on hand to explain about UK pension transfers to Australia and how we can provide other financial advice for your emigration to Australia. Visit us to discuss our free initial assessment for transferring your UK pensions to an Australian QROPS.

The seminar will be at the Hilton Coventry Hotel in Coventry on 6th October 2012 from 10am to 2pm. The cost is £10 per applicant or £15 per couple.

Places are limited, so to secure your place please telephone Thames Migration on 020 8996 0120 as soon as possible.
The migration experts at the seminar will be:

Global QROPS – pension transfer to QROPS advice & financial planning for your emigration
Thames Migration – Registered Australian Visa Agent Hannibal Khoury
IELTS – International English Language Testing System
Commonwealth Bank – Banking for Migrants and Expatriates
Anglo Pacific – International Removals
Julia Ross – Australian Recruitment and Employment Specialists
Government of South Australia

Global QROPS can be contacted for more information regarding this Seminar and advice about your UK pensions for your emigration to Australia.