UK Pre Budget Report 2009 – Tax Changes Affecting Annual Allowance

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There are many circumstances, when a potential UK migrant is looking to transfer their UK pension funds to QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes) where it may be beneficial to boost their UK pension funds by making contributions first.

This would not only increase the transfer value, by the amount of contribution, but there is tax relief available on the contributions too.
Pre Budget Report Announcement Affecting Potential QROPS Clients

Already, for high earners looking to make fully tax relievable pension contributions, to a UK pension scheme, the new rules that were introduced in the Finance Act 2009 have a limiting affect on the amount that can be contributed above £20,000 per annum that would receive higher rate tax relief.

From April 2011, those with income of £180,000 and above would only receive basic rate tax relief on pension contributions. Those with income between £150,000 and £180,000 would get tax relief somewhere between basic rate and higher rate on a sliding scale.

However, the Pre Budget report has determined that the definition of relevant income (used in determining whether an individual is affected by these changes) will include employer pension contributions therefore affecting those with incomes of £130,000 per annum upwards (rather than from £150,000 upwards).

(However, the Government has said that those with incomes of £130,000 or less before the  inclusion of employer pension contributions will not be affected).

High earners looking for QROPS advice should, therefore, speak to UK QROPS advice specialists (such as Global QROPS Ltd) before making decisions on increased contributions to UK pensions.