Tara & Bryan Nixon

Having lived and travelled all over the world, Tara and Bryan were looking for some financial security for the future - both for their own retirement plans and for their children. Here's their story of working with us.

Confidence in their retirement

Tara: Hi I’m Tara Nixon, this is my husband Bryan Nixon, and we have been with bdhSterling for the last eight months.

Bryan: We have lived in many different places; in the Bahamas, Germany, the US and then back here in the UK. We had different pension allotments in each of those countries, different programmes, different state and private programmes. In finding the right advisor, the concerns we had were 1. trust, 2. reliability, 3. the ability to communicate, and 4. somebody who’s willing to take on a challenge. If you put those four things together, it’s quite a big ask! And we’ve been delighted with bdhSterling so far.

You must remember that we’ve been with multiple financial experts in multiple countries for many years, and I would say this is the first time we’ve had such a comprehensive report. It is by far, the most comprehensive, and I would say the most relational we have been with an advisor. And I think that today, we completely trust them. Their advice is already starting to pay benefits for us, and we’re looking forward to a future continuing to work together.

Tara: There are so many moving parts to our finances that it’s really difficult to put them all together. They’ve done such a great job figuring it all out and making it comprehensive for us as well to put all these puzzle pieces together. So it was really beneficial, and they’re very easy to talk to.

It’s a big weight off your shoulders to know that we’re in a good place to finance the children through their education, and also know that we are in a good place to retire when we want to. It just makes such a difference, and you’re in a much more content way of feeling, knowing that all these pieces are starting to finally fit together.

Bryan: We have a plan for now and for the future. I think it’s quite a blessing in that it’s given a sense of calm and reassurance. And we’re actually looking forward to the future with a great deal of optimism and hope. We will have what we need to have to both provide ourselves with a great future, but also make sure that our children are looked after in their futures too. It’s a great sense of comfort and optimism that we’re looking forward to our future, based on the work we’ve done with bdhSterling.

Tara: I would definitely recommend bdhSterling to other people. They are incredibly thorough and helpful and trustworthy, and the confidence that you have in them is just… you couldn’t describe it. It makes you feel that you can retire in comfort and know that it’s been looked after properly.

Bryan: They’re willing to invest the time. They’re willing to get to know you as a couple or as an individual. And they’re willing to get to know what your aims and ambitions for your family are as you go forward. I think that they want to invest that time in you. And you will leave those meetings as confident, as calm, as assured as we have each and every time we’ve met with them.


It's a big weight off your shoulders to know that we're in a good place to finance the children through their education, and also know that we are in a good place to retire when we want to.