Latest HMRC QROPS List

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On 15th December 2009, the UK’s Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) updated on their website the latest updated list of QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes). The update is published by the PSS (Pension Scheme Services). 
As with previous updates of the QROPS list, this is not a definitive list. In other words, there are QROPS schemes that have been approved by HMRC that have chosen not to appear on the list.

More importantly for those individuals looking for QROPS advice, they should not look at that list and assume that it is a recommendation by HMRC to use any of the QROPS stated. HMRC have emphasized that the publication of the list is for information purposes only and that they are not responsible for any overseas pension transfer from a UK scheme to an overseas scheme based on the clients choice of the scheme coming from the list.

As mentioned in previous news updates by Global QROPS Ltd, there are a number of schemes that feature on the list, as QROPS, but are actually unable to receive transfers in because their local rules do not allow this. An example for this is the USA – IRAs (individual retirement arrangements) and 401K’s are not permitted to take UK pension transfers in under USA legislation – despite appearing on the QROPS list.

It is also worth noting, that there are schemes that have been approved by HMRC but may have obtained their approval with incorrect information.

Please find link to HMRC latest news page. Latest QROPS list under 15th December: