Last Opportunity For New Zealand Corps

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On 6th December 2011, HMRC released a ‘consultation’ document which will, in effect, mean that the opportunity for overseas residence to transfer their UK pension benefits, to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions, and receive up to 100% of the funds value as a lump sum, will no longer be available from 6th April 2012.

The Changes

Amongst the key points to the proposed QROPS legislation changes is the requirement for New Zealand schemes, looking to receive UK pension transfers, to ensure that their scheme will provide at least 70% ‘income for life’ from the UK transferred fund.

In addition, the current trustee ‘reporting period’ to HMRC for benefits paid from all QROPS, will be extended from 5 years of non-UK residency to 10 years after the member transfers out of a UK registered pension scheme.
It is these major changes to the QROPS rules that will mean UK pension members, who have been outside of the UK for more than 5 complete UK tax years, will no longer have the option to transfer their UK pensions (after 6th April 2012) to a New Zealand QROPS and receive 100% of their funds, as a lump sum, immediately.
Opportunities pre 5th April 2012

• If you have already been outside of the UK, for more than 5 complete UK tax years, AND
• Wish to receive greater than 25% of your UK pension as a lump sum, please contact Global QROPS immediately.

There is a limited time period between now and 5th April 2012 to transfer UK pension benefits to New Zealand and receive these benefits as a lump sum.

Please call +44 (0) 1372 724249 of email for more information.