Job-Hunting in Australia for Britons Who Want to Emigrate

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With an impressively low unemployment rate of just 5.7%, Australia is a popular destination for Brits looking to live and work abroad. The country is renowned for its laidback lifestyle and excellent work-life balance, something which many working professionals are trying to improve upon.

This is all with 240 days a year of sunshine, so there’s plenty of great weather to enjoy during your time off the clock. So how should you go about job-hunting in Australia?

How to Win a Job Down Under

1. Check Demand

The first thing you need to do when considering a move is check if there is any demand for your skills. The Australian government publishes a skilled occupations list for this purpose. an individual can contact a registered migration agent if they need assistance.

Occasionally, occupations are removed so don’t assume that you have plenty of time to begin the process of emigration. In the instance that your skills are not on this list and you’re aged between 18 and 30, you can still make it to Australia with a working holiday visa, though there are provisos attached to this.

2. Demonstrate Your Interest

You now need to submit an Expression of Interest and register with SkillSelect which lets employers view your profile and see your qualifications and experience. This is of course not a visa application in and of itself, you will need to submit that separately.

At this stage you should also make some decisions regarding the area in Australia that you’d most like to live in. You may have a significant wait between your visa application and the move (assuming you’re accepted) so use the time wisely and do as much research as possible into the area of the country and the industry that you’re interested in.

3. Get an Australian Tax File Number and Have Your Qualifications Assessed

You need an Australian Tax File Number to ensure that you are paying the right amount of tax on any money that you earn in Australia and to apply for any government benefits you may be entitled to. The application for this is simple and you can do it online through the Australian Taxation Office.

A qualification assessment will help a potential employer to understand your qualifications and see the equivalent Australian level. This is not essential for every industry, and can be costly, so be sure to do some research first.

4. Register With Employment Agencies and Look Into Specific Companies

To boost your chances of securing work, you would do well to register with employment agencies that operate in your chosen area of the country. Staff at these agencies can provide invaluable advice, so if you need help at any stage, open up a line of communication with them.

If there are any companies you’re particularly interested in, make direct enquiries. Don’t just rely on job adverts and recruitment pages.

5. Tailor Your Application and Interview-Style

This doesn’t just apply to job-hunting in Australia, but it bears repeating. Your application should always be tailored for the company (and in this case country) that you’re applying to. Be sure to use the same terminology in your application that’s used on the advert, and link your experience to their requirements.

Australian job interviews tend to be similar to the UK, with questions focused around your motivations, experience and potential cultural fit. This list of common Australian interview questions is good resource. Try to prepare answers to them before you begin an interview.

6. Transfer Your Pension

Don’t forget about any contributions you’ve already made into a UK pension. UK pension funds can be transferred to Australia and provide a valuable benefit for those planning to retire in Australia. UK pensions will need to be transferred to Australia using a Qualified Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme (QROPS.)

With the help of an experienced professional pensions advisor, like those at bdhSterling, this process is stress-free. You can contact bdhSterling today online or by phone on +44 1372 724 249.