How Richard Westover Prepares His Body For Racing

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Early-season European races have just begun for Richard Westover. He’s been preparing through consistent training since November with his coach and is eagerly looking forward to proving himself following a serious injury last year.

If you’re currently in the process of emigrating, you’ll probably be aware of the importance of preparation before undergoing the big move. In much the same way, Richard knows that careful planning and physical preparation is required for peak performance in his races — there’s no such thing as just hitting the ground running when it comes to triathlons (though it’s likely you’d spend a lot of time hitting the ground if you tried it!)

Read on to hear from Richard Westover about how he’s conditioning his body to give him the best chance at placing in this season’s races.

The Importance of Consistency in Physical Preparation

In the middle of last year I began working with my current coach, although only a month or so into this new relationship I had the serious injury which brought racing to an early close and for a long period, training last year.

Since finally getting going again properly, on 1st November last year, things have been awesome. Finally, I have the right coach, the right set up, I’m settled in mind and body and now, we can really go to work.

The winter has gone very well and has to have been my most consistent training period to date. That has been the key, consistency. No crazy days or weeks, no awful patches, just day after day, week after week of good, hard work. On top of that and maybe because of that, the quality of the work that I’m doing is also the highest it’s ever been (also as a result of having the right coach to plan the right sessions for me – thanks coach!) On the surface it’s extremely simple, but underneath there’s so much that goes into getting it right.

In some ways, I’m doing more volume now than I’ve ever done before. I remember when a 5km swim used to be a long session. Now back-to-back-to-back 6km swim sessions are fairly standard. If you look at it another way, I’m also doing less volume than I used to do.

In a lot of ways, the intensity of the sessions is much higher than I’ve ever experienced. And yet, when I have a session, like a spin on the bike, I’ve never ridden more easily. The important thing is that we’re doing the right stuff, at the right time. Working very hard when it’s time to go, and taking the easy sessions super easy. And repeating this on a daily basis. Consistency.

I always thought I trained consistently in the past, but actually, if you look at what real consistency means, there’s a true art to it and it’s extremely difficult to pull off as there’s so much that can get in the way or throw you off course.

Achieving this consistency is a huge effort and means I rely so much on the support around me, between my partner, coach, friends and family and sponsors who all give me the tools and motivation to give me the best possible chance.

Having the opportunity to push my physical limits on a daily basis is awesome and (when I can get myself up off the floor) I’m extremely thankful for it, but man, it is hard work and I wouldn’t stand a chance on my own. Each day we get up to go out and make it count, day after day, week after week.

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