10 top tips to help Brits retire successfully in Australia

With its welcoming climate, outdoor lifestyle, and lack of a language barrier, Australia has long been a popular destination for Brits looking to work, and then ultimately retire, overseas. So much so that there are currently more than a million expat Brits living in Australia – nearly a quarter of whom are claiming their State Pension there. (Sources – ExpatNetwork. com and Unbiased.co.uk)

However, retiring in Australia, especially after spending most of your life working in the UK, won’t happen by accident and takes careful planning.

Whether you plan to retire in the next few months or retirement is still many years away, this guide will help you start thinking about your options.

In this guide we:

  • Highlight the things you should consider to ensure you have ‘enough’ in retirement
  • Suggest some simple actions you can take now
  • Explain how we can help you retire successfully

So, read on for ten top tips to help Brits retire successfully in Australia.

We are perfectly placed to advise you. We have a licence to provide financial advice in both the UK, and Australia, and have offices in both countries. We provide a genuine ‘one-stop’ shop for people moving between the two countries.

You can download the guide as a PDF by pressing the “Download” button. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.