Global QROPS Ltd Working with UK IFA’s Regarding QROPS Advice Options

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Global QROPS Ltd, UK specialists in overseas pension transfers, are working alongside UK Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s) throughout the UK, regarding client’s Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) advice options.

From the introduction of the QROPS legislation in April 2006, UK IFA’s with migrating clients have been able to add the QROPS advice option to the other retirement options available. Although this would be a valuable choice for a migrating client, it can be both a time consuming and complicated option for a UK IFA to fully research.

The team at Global QROPS Ltd have specialized in transferring UK pensions overseas for many years and as a result understand that migrating clients are in different types of UK pension schemes, have various sizes of funds and migrate to a choice of countries (with their own tax rules) throughout the globe. As UK based IFA’s (authorized and registered with the FSA) Global QROPS Ltd also understands that there are the essential ‘know your client’ facts to establish too, such as their aims, goals and long-term retirement plans.

There are many QROPS providers that are based in different jurisdictions that may (or may not) suit a client for tax, investment or retirement purposes. Finding a QROPS that can suit each migrating client’s unique circumstances is not always straightforward. Global QROPS Ltd have the experience to provide solutions.
As a result, Global QROPS Ltd are setting up agreements with UK IFA’s to assist specifically with the QROPS advice option for the UK IFA’s migrating clients.