bdhSterling achieve Chartered status

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Earlier this year, we achieved corporate Chartered status as awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute. This prestigious award is issued by the professional body for insurance and personal finance and it means that bdhSterling have become the only Chartered company that has dual- qualified advisers in both Australia and the UK.

But what is Chartered status? And what does it mean for clients and professional connections?

The ‘gold standard’ of financial planning

To become a Chartered firm:

  • We must have advisers that have achieved personal Chartered status. We have met rigorous criteria relating to professional qualifications and competence, and demonstrated the highest levels of financial and technical knowledge through assessment
  • We have made a public commitment to adhere to ethical and best practice codes, following an industry Code of Ethics which is enforced through disciplinary sanctions
  • We have committed to providing knowledgeable advice backed up by qualifications and continued professional development. Chartered firms must regularly consolidate and update their knowledge
  • We’re committed to seeking good customer outcomes.

Chartered status is the ‘gold standard’ of financial planning and positions us amongst the UK’s leading practices.

What our Chartered status means for you

When you work with a firm of Chartered Financial Planners, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible advice, service and support. You benefit from the peace of mind that your best interests are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Chartered status also brings a wealth of benefits to our clients, and this is reflected in our philosophy. Investing in people with the knowledge appropriate to their role helps ensure competency and capability in the provision of service, supporting a customer-first approach.

By becoming Chartered, we also give back to our community by contributing to the development of the financial planning profession. As well as participating in specialist practice groups, we also contribute to the development of excellent practice, support charitable and community causes, and participate in the media to answer questions and reinforce public trust in financial planning.

With a commitment to superb technical knowledge, high ethical standards and a client-first approach, Chartered status ensures you’re dealing with true specialists.

Uniquely placed to help clients in Australia and the UK

And, considering that we’re the only Chartered firm that has dual-qualified advisers in both Australia and the UK, we are uniquely placed to help clients with connections in these two countries. This single adviser model means that we can deal with both pension transfer and ongoing advice, as we are licenced to advise in both jurisdictions.

Rather than dealing with two advice firms, clients benefit from a linked service with the security that one firm is dealing with the whole process. Often our Australian offices will liaise with clients well in advance of any transfer occurring, providing them reassurance and confidence.

To find out more about our Chartered status and what it means for you, please get in touch or call (01372) 724 249.