Advice Should Not Be Restricted To A Pension Transfer To Australia

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The many migrants to Australia each year, when taking stock of their financial assets, assume that the only advice available is restricted to a pension transfer to Australia. UK based advisers, Global QROPS Ltd, specialise in advising people migrating to Australia on the best course of action for ALL of their finances.

For example, if you are migrating to Australia, you may have concerns over the sale of your UK property. The dip in house prices and the general difficulties of selling properties when you are in a chain – can make at quick sale at a decent price nearly impossible.

By planning ahead someone, moving to Australia, can take pre-migration advice that helps with this potential problem. Maintaining UK property can not only be tax efficient but also gives a migrant breathing space when it comes to selling the property. If you are in a hurry to migrate – because you have a job offer waiting for you, for example – then Global QROPS Ltd could advise you on what to do if your UK property is not selling.

For those people who need to sell their property to raise the equity to buy a home in Australia, Global QROPS Ltd can provide tax efficient solutions for this – if individual’s come to us BEFORE migrating.

As important as getting pre-migration advice on a pension transfer to Australia is, there are other issues that need to be addressed that Global QROPS Ltd can help with.