UK Pension Transfers

With dually licensed advisers in both the UK and Australia, bdhSterling are perfectly positioned to provide UK pension solutions and continuous advice no matter what age you are.

It is vital that we can provide you with dually licensed advice as current pension transfer legislation will only allow pension transfer to Australia once you have attained age 55.

This means that for established Australian residents, under the age of 55, who are existing members of UK pensions, we can work with you to include your UK pension within your overall financial planning.

Depending on your age bdhSterling can:

Under 55 years old

  • Assess suitability of your current UK pension arrangement.
  • Manage funds within your UK pension in either UK sterling investments or Australian Dollar investments.
  • Plan a strategy for future transfers, within the Australian Non-Concessional Contribution cap (NCCC) limit, for when attained aged 55.

Over 55 years old

  • Establish a Self -Managed superfund, for over 55’s, and attain QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension) status, to allow UK pension funds to be received.
  • Plan and implement a strategy to transfer from the UK within the Australian Non-Concessional Contribution cap (NCCC) limit.
  • Calculate the Applicable Fund Earnings (AFE) or “the growth” on any UK pension funds and implement a transfer strategy to minimize the tax, imposed by the ATO (Australian Tax Office).
  • Manage any residual funds, held in UK pensions, until the next transfer to Australia can take place.

Speak to our Advisers to find out more or download our Australian pension Transfer Pack