Property Investment

We work directly with Lantern Property Partners to provide you with unrivalled expertise when it comes to overseas property investment.

Over more than three decades, the consultants from Lantern Property Partners have developed stringent guidelines for successful strategies, helping our own clients make excellent choices when it comes to property.

In-depth assessments for overseas property investment

We understand that buying a property overseas can be more complicated than usual. So you’ll be pleased to know Lantern Property Partners assesses each potential property diligently, by reviewing its location, design, finishes, fixtures and overall suitability.

Specifically, when assessing the property itself, the two most important factors we take into consideration to ensure the property is suitable for you to purchase are the value of the property and any terms and conditions. We need to be in no doubt that our clients purchase each property at market value or less.

Taking care of the overseas property investment paperwork

Purchasing a property is a substantial and important transaction for anyone. Being certain all the paperwork and related issues are correct is the only standard bdhSterling will accept.
As a result, we have a panel of independent legal practices in a number of major Australian cities, which have the responsibility of scrutinising every contract and its associated documents. If additional or better terms and conditions are required, our lawyers will inform us so bdhSterling can negotiate with the vendor.

The people managing your overseas property investment

To achieve a substantial advantage in terms and conditions and to be granted first access to quality properties, the best scenario may mean purchasing a property before it has been developed. In this instance, we ensure careful and precise investigations and assessments of all the details about the development and the company it is built by.

Assessing the experience, ability, reputation and integrity of a property developer are all essential and the important issues that fall within our due diligence investigations on your behalf. The other two factors we consider are the architect and the builder.

Restrictions with UK Pension Funds

HMRC imposes restrictions on purchasing residential property with UK tax relieved Pension funds. This restriction however is unfortunately being ignored by many Australian property advisers and financial planners, which in time could cost their clients significant penalties of up to 55% of the investment amount.

We believe that when appropriate, investing in residential property should be a carefully considered part of an overall investment strategy. However, you will need to be informed of the restrictions when using UK pension funds – as part of any purchase – to avoid financial penalties.

Overseas property investment within SMSFs

Both the wider Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) market and the underlying property investment within it have seen massive growth in recent years.

With its 30 years of experience and extensive list of contacts, Lantern Property Partners, is one of the most respected and effective partners for overseas property investment strategy using an SMSF in this region. We recommend that in the first instance you meet with a representative from bdhSterling to provide more information on the responsibilities that come with an SMSF. We can then assess whether property investment will be the right strategy to ensure a diverse investment portfolio and help you achieve your financial objectives.

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