Pension Management

The rules and regulations surrounding pension management for QROPS can be difficult to follow. At bdhSterling, we provide an international pension planning service, giving expert advice based on your individual circumstances and funds retirement planning requirements. This service involves:

  • Selecting the most appropriate overseas pension for you
  • Ensuring your overseas pension meets the UK’s required criteria set by HMRC for receiving pension funds
  • Ensuring your overseas pension is tax efficient
  • Making recommendations and setting up the investment within your overseas pension
  • Enabling you to maximise the benefits that you can receive from your pension at retirement appropriate to your requirements
  • Advising you on any legislation changes to UK pensions or QROPS affecting you.

Achieve financial independence with your global QROPS

Your pension fund is critical for ensuring you can retire when you are ready and for providing you with the right type of benefits to live the life that you want. When it comes to relocating abroad or transferring to a QROPS, we recommend that you contact bdhSterling in order to receive the expert guidance that can ensure your investments are protected managed correctly and transferred to the appropriate scheme.

To talk to bdhSterling about managing your pension transfer overseas, click here.