Specialists in Pension Transfers to Australia

  • 100% in-house service
  • Entirely safe & secure transfer
  • No hidden fees
  • Free initial consultation
  • Over 100 years combined experience
  • Offices in both UK & Australia

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Specialists in Pension Transfers to Australia

  • 100% in-house service
  • Entirely safe & secure transfer
  • No hidden fees
  • Free initial consultation
  • Over 100 years combined experience
  • Offices in both UK & Australia

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Chartered Financial Planners

We are proud to be the only Chartered Financial Planning firm with offices in both the UK and Australia, providing a clear indication of the professional standing of our firm.

In-house Support

All advisers are supported by in-house professional paraplanning services and a first-class administration team.

Nothing Outsourced

Our UK pension transfer service is provided in-house and nothing is outsourced throughout the process.


Independently licensed in both Australia and the UK, this means our advice can be provided conflict free.

Why bdhSterling?

We are an award-winning firm of Chartered Financial Planners with offices in London, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Our primary purpose is to help Australian and British citizens with their retirement planning and we specialise in advising those with assets in both jurisdiction on how to structure their wealth most effectively. We are widely recognised as the leading specialists in UK pension transfers to Australia.

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Why shouldn't I transfer my pension myself,
without the help of bdhSterling?

low risk

If you undertake the transfer yourself, or with the assistance of somebody who is not licensed and regulated in both the UK and Australia, then you run the risk of misinterpreting the rules and regulations that are applicable and can face penalty charges of 55% of the fund value.

pay less tax

There is the risk of the tax calculations being interpreted incorrectly if these are not undertaken properly this can lead to further penalties, or you paying more tax than is necessary.

FCA Regulated

If your fund is a defined benefit or contains safeguarded benefits and is valued over £30,000 then you must seek advice from a UK regulated financial adviser before you can transfer these benefits overseas. The Trustees of your scheme will simply refuse to transfer your benefits until you provide evidence that a UK FCA regulated adviser has provided you with advice.

ASIC Regulated

bdhSterling are licensed to provide advice on the establishment of an Australian scheme, as well of the transfer from the UK. Our view is that you should only take advice from a firm who is licensed in both jurisdictions, which confirms their competence to provide the guidance you need.

Don't just take our word for it...

“Many thanks Nick. Thank you for all the work you have done for us this past year. It's been a long hard slog getting to this point and I know it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't taken hold of it.”

Martin Blencowe

“We would just like to write and advise how grateful we are to Nick Bond. He dealt with the transition of our UK pensions through to our self-smnaged Superannuation Fund here in Australia, in a most efficient and professional manor. Keeping us up to date at all times either by email or a phone call. We first met Nick a few years back when he visited us at our home in the UK whilst he was working for bdhStertling. So we couldn’t have been happier and more relieved when he called to say he is now here working in Australia.”

Colin & Cate Purchase

“I think that ( no I know) I received some of the best client service I have experienced in my life (and I have been round the block a few times!!!). While there were a million forms to fill in and initial (not bdhSterling’s fault by the way) they were fast, kept me informed all along the way, organised the complex transfer, organised the tax to be paid, timed it so the the exchange rate was favourable and much, much more. Efficient, effective, professional and friendly”

Gavin McCairns

Frequently Asked Questions

Which UK Pension Funds can be transferred?

  • Defined Contribution (DC) Pension Schemes, including company and personal pension and drawdown arrangements
  • Private Sector Defined Benefit (DB) Schemes
  • Funded Public Sector DB Schemes

What UK Pension Funds can't be transferred?

  • The UK State Pension
  • Annuities purchased with a life insurance company
  • Company Pension already in payment
  • Unfunded Public Sector Defined Benefit Schemes

Why transfer my pension to Australia?

Transferring will generally be more tax effective – In Australia, from age 60, all retirement income and lump sums drawn from Super will be entirely free of tax. Pensions drawn from UK schemes are taxed at your marginal tax rate (MTR), which can be up to 45%.

We will only recommend a transfer if we believe it is the most suitable option and in your best interests.

Can I transfer my pension into my current super?

You can transfer to a receiving superfund only if it is a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS). bdhSterling can assist in identifying if your current scheme qualifies or if an alternative fund will be required.

Can I use my UK pension/QROPS to buy a house?

There are restrictions on what you can invest in with a UK sourced pension in Australia. These restrictions match those that are applied to the funds when they are in the UK. Therefore, the QROPS funds are unable to invest in residential property directly, however it may be possible to release funds upon reaching age 55 for property purchase.

Can I transfer my UK pension to a QROPS and then transfer the funds to my current super?

There are rules in place by HMRC around how long your funds must remain within a QROPS fund before you can transfer these to a non-QROPS. bdhSterling can identify this for you as part of the analysis we conduct, and this will vary based on you as an individual, and your situation.

How long is the process?

Typically, from the first contact you make with bdhSterling to when the first funds are transferred into your QROPS this full process can take anywhere between 3-12 months, where the average time taken is 6 months. This can vary depending on several external factors, such as, how long it takes for the UK pensions scheme to disinvest your funds and transfer these to your receiving scheme.

When can I access the money?

Following the transfer of your UK pension funds to Australia you will be able to access your funds when you meet a condition of release here in Australia, which can be when you meet preservation age, or when you reach age 65. It is also worth noting that as part of the transfer strategy you may be able to access some of the funds during this process, and this is something we can detail in our analysis.

What age can I transfer?

You can transfer your UK pension to Australia once you reach age 55. In the interim, we can manage your money in a UK pension in AUD or GBP, and make sure that you are on track to reach your retirement goals.

Who regulates bdhSterling?

In the UK we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In Australia we are regulated by the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC).