Accounting & Tax

Like most people, you probably find it difficult, time-consuming and confusing trying to stay on top of your own tax affairs. If you move around the world or are planning to relocate overseas in future, this can provide added complications.

Different tax rules in other countries can create challenges when it comes to adhering to laws, rules and regulations, so it is essential you get professional guidance when completing or filing any tax-related documents.

What’s involved in global tax management?

Establishing where you are a tax resident and where tax is payable on your assets or income streams are the first steps in efficient international tax planning.

Typically, the type of assets you hold (such as a business, property or investments) or any source of income (such as employment, rental or pension funds) will need to be factored in to any tax returns you complete or file. In addition, there are different types of tax you could be assessed for, including income, capital gains, corporation or inheritance tax.

The process of managing accounting and tax is complex and can be especially overwhelming when dealing with the laws of foreign countries. We recommend asking for professional advice from an experienced adviser at bdhSterling to help you fully understand your liabilities and ensure you are following the various rules and regulations.

To find out more about the tax and accounting issues you may face either in the UK or overseas, contact us at and speak to one of our tax experts.