Our History

bdhSterling was founded in 2009, by directors Simon Harvey and Paul Davies, originally as Global QROPS, providing expert advice in the niche area of overseas pension transfers.

Having worked together previously and having shared similar background in providing advice to UK residents migrating overseas, the company was established with an emphasis on focussing on a UK expat offering for expats living globally.

Since 2014, due to our expertise with advising people migrating to Australia, bdhSterling have had a presence in Australia with advisers in our offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

We are privately owned and all decisions are made by the board. We have utilised ideas and the experience across our offices in both the UK and Australia to enhance and evolve our financial planning approach.

bdhSterling continues to grow to this day, with over 40 staff members in the UK and across Australia, committed to focussing on our clients.

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